not responding

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There are cases in which you update your AOL email account and see that does not respond to an error message on the screen. Trust me when the user sees this type of message, feels tormented and one can do anything to receive the emails. But some users have to face the defeat of this error, in addition, if you are one of those users who faces the same problem and wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. And continuously looking for an answer to the question of how to solve that does not answer, then, you should not worry about it, since this article has provided information that will help you rectify the problem without much effort.

There may be many possibilities to see this error with your AOL accounts, such as the poor connection of your Internet network and any hidden reason that is not understandable to some common users. Basically, I would need some steps not to see this error again.

Some simple steps to fix do not respond error

You can solve the error that does not respond simply by unlocking the Captcha and to do so, you must follow the steps given:

• First of all, you must open the web browser.

• Later, you should look for

• And then you must change and use the genuine Google Apps domain name.

• In addition, you must complete the username and password of the Gmail account.

• In addition, you must enter the Captcha that appears in the image on the web page.

• Then, you must follow the instructions on the screen and complete the process.

• As you complete the process, you must click on the Unlock option.

This is how you will get rid of the error that does not respond; In addition, the problem still persists and you can follow another method to rectify the problem.

Fix error that does not respond by uninstalling and reinstalling the email account

• The first thing to do is open the Settings application.

• Then, you must select the Accounts and passwords option.

• In addition, you must select the email account, then click Delete account.

In this way, you can successfully delete your email account and reinstall your email account by following the steps taken:

• Return to the Settings application and there you must click on the Accounts and passwords button.

• In addition, you must click on the Add Account option.

• Subsequently, you will see a list of email service providers and you must select the email provider to receive them again.

• Above all, you must log in to your account with the username and password.

How To Update Macbook Pro

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Apple: is an American multinational technology company located in Cupertino, California. Apple manufactures, designs and sells electronic computer software and is also in online services. Apple products are used worldwide. Apple products include iPhone, iPhone, iPad tablet, Mac personal computer, Apple smartphone, etc. Apple software includes macOS and the iOS operating system and to keep up with your product with the technology keep it updated and to make sure it keeps the Macbook up to date

Get all the steps on how to update Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro: it is a high-speed model of the MacBook family and one can have the same in 13 inches, 15 inches and 17 inches and order to keep pace with technology and take advantage of all the features that one has to keep it updated and for the same you have to check which version is running and can be done as follows

• Press the Apple icon

• Press the Choose About this Mac option

• Click on Software Update

To ensure that after the MacBook Pro update it runs smoothly before the update, perform a Mac cleanup and it can be done as follows

• Download Clean Mac, which is available for free

• Hit on Run it

• Now you can search for all additional files that you want to delete.

• Click on clean

It is also important to know before the Mac Pro update one needs to have a backup and for it must follow the following steps

• Open the application folder.

• Choose the time machine

• Click on Disk Backup and one also to choose where the backup should be stored

• One can switch from on to off, under the storage name you can see the oldest, most recent and the next backup

Update Macbook Pro

How to update MacBook pro: after following all the steps, what is required to take and, finally, to make sure that the MacBook Pro update can be followed, follow the steps below

• Open the app store

• Look for updates in the menu.

• Click on software update

• Hit in the update

• One has to wait until the software is downloaded and to update it is required to follow the instructions on the screen

• Once the installation is complete, the Mac Pro will restart

• Now the new software can be updated

How do I Install Samsung Printer on Mac?

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Have you bought a Mac recently? And you want to use your Samsung printer on it? Then you should need to install your Samsung printer with your Mac. The process of installing the Samsung printer on Mac is very easy and simple. But most users confuse how to install the Samsung printer on Mac properly. If you are doing it for the first time, read this article very carefully and learn about the step-by-step procedure of installing the Samsung printer on Mac.

Learn how to install Samsung Printer on Mac

• First, you must download the Samsung printer driver on your Mac from the official HP driver website.

• Open the Samsung printer installer folder and then double-click on the Samsung Printer.pkg file that you recently downloaded.

• Mac OX installers will now open and then click Continue.

• Now the Software License Agreement window will open and then click Continue.

• After that, you agree to continue with the installation.

• Choose how you want to install the software and then click Continue.

• Click Install and then choose USB Connected Printer from the options. And then click Next.

• Now turn on your Samsung printer and make sure it is properly connected to the computer using a USB cable and then click Next.

• Choose the driver and software you need for installation and then click Continue.

• After that, enter your username and password for your Mac and then click OK.

• Now wait less seconds and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Fact!! Now your Samsung printer has been successfully installed on your Mac and you can use the printing features of the Samsung printer on Mac.

Bellsouth Password Reset

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BellSouth email services are one of the most efficient and high-quality free email services known to date. BellSouth’s email service is managed by AT&T. Although BellSouth email services are the most reliable, its platform is prone to various technical difficulties and problems. Users can take advantage of the best troubleshooting through our toll-free technical support numbers. Our BellSouth certified technicians are available by phone, email and live chats, 24 hours a day. You can contact them at any time to get a solution to any of their problems related to this famous email platform.

In addition, you can get quick assistance on BellSouth email difficulties through ATT support forums, social media pages and BellSouth customer support. You can also read articles and blogs like this to know the resolution of some simple problems that you can try to solve the problem on your own.

Get assistance on resetting BellSouth email password

Take, for example, the BellSouth email password reset problem. However, you can recover in just a few minutes, for a newbie, forgetting an access code to your email account can create great chaos. Here, we bring to you one of the multiple methods for BellSouth email password recovery.

Retrieving BellSouth email password with security questions

You can unlock your email account by answering security questions. This is how you can go through the BellSouth email password reset process:

1. Log in to your BellSouth account

2. Select the password option

3. Enter your BellSouth email address and your last name in the appropriate spaces on the same web page

4. Press Continue

5. Choose I will answer my security questions in the drop-down menu

6. The questions you have set for your account at the time of creation will appear before you. Answer and press Continue

7. Now, follow the instructions to create a new password for your email account

BellSouth email password recovery number

You can try these tips to make your email account work properly. However, if you cannot use them, you can call us at BellSouth email password recovery number and we will contact you immediately with BellSouth email password reset solutions. We can provide on-call assistance with BellSouth email password recovery in exchange for a certain amount of charge that is affordable for you. You can also look for support through the live chat option since our technicians are easily accessible through all means of contact.

Charter Email Password Reset

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Charter is an American telecommunications company that offers a wide range of services and products related to broadband, cable TVs, digital codes, digital phones, HDTV, home security, Internet, VOIP, Internet security and many more for That the client can never be late. of any of the Charter Services. Charter offers its services to 1 state of more than 25 million customers with the belief that none of the users can leave behind its wide range of services.

Being so advanced and up to date among users, Charter email has some problems that include: you cannot send and receive emails, network problems, you cannot write new mail, you cannot retrieve the charter password and many more, what frustrates the customer and can only be solved and rectified by the correct and precise guidance of the letter email password reset team that are a group of the most dedicated and advanced professionals selected from around the world are pleased to Solve all your technical problems from the root so that none of the annoying problems can hinder your technical life. It offers its enormous and amazing services to its clients, both private and corporate, that delighted and recognized also at a very alarming rate and at very low prices that any client can pay without problems or complications.

Know how to reset Charter email password


At any time, if you are frustrated with the forgotten password problem, without wasting time, quickly follow the most unique and quick steps mentioned below:

1. First, open the Charter account by clicking on the website

2. Then enter the email address and then click on “Forget password” and click on Next

3.Once you click on Forgot Password, you will get the link in your registered email ID

4.Click on the link, now you will have the option to reset the password

5. Enter the new password and then confirm the password again

6. Save all changes at the end

Another way to recover Charter email password

1. Click on Forget password first

2. Now answer the security questions you have set when creating the email ID

3. Once you correctly answer all security questions, you will be directed to the option where you can easily change the password

4.Now enter the new password you wish to have, confirm the password by re-entering and save all changes at the end

How To Do Twitter Password Recovery

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Twitter users need to know how to reset the Twitter password in order to read this article and can also call the Twitter password recovery number for help.

Take advantage of more information about Twitter:

Twitter is an American social media online service that helps users share and exchange messages. These messages are known as tweets. Twitter can be used to post messages.

Procedure to reset the Twitter password:

Users can apply the set of instructions mentioned below to reset the Twitter password. Experts can be contacted in case the user gets caught in some problems or technical failures. The steps to reset the Twitter password mentioned here are simple and can be easily executed without facing any problem.

• First, the user must visit the official Twitter website that is

• Right after logging into the Twitter account, the user must go to the account settings.

• In the Security section, the user must check the box next to Password reset protection.

• Users must enter the email address of the account or the phone number associated with Twitter, which is one of the important steps of the Twitter Password Reset to reset the password.

• To send a password or SMS / text reset email, users must mention and specify the email address or phone number.

• By using the SMS / Text sent in the phone number, users can reset the Twitter password.

• Alternatively, by also using the password reset link, users can reset the Twitter account password.

The Twitter password reset forms described above will help users reset the Twitter password. If the user gets stuck in a problem, then users can contact experienced experts for instant assistance.

How to use Twitter with simple steps?

Twitter is the best way to share your thoughts socially among people around the world. It is also a very useful platform to keep up to date with the latest news or events. One can use Twitter very easily, but there are many new users who do not know how to use Twitter and if you are one of them, follow the step-by-step procedure to use Twitter.

Simple and easy steps to use Twitter:

Sign up

First, you must register to get a new Twitter account through the official website and then provide your personal information such as name, email, phone number, etc.

Create your timeline

You should now create a timeline in which you will show your interest. For this, you can follow your favorite things on Twitter and people will also follow you.

Make a tweet

It is the main thing for that purpose that Twitter has created and can easily make a tweet according to your area of ​​interest. Go to the Tweet section and then enter the tweet in the given box and then click on the Tweet option.

If you are still confused about how to use Twitter even after following the steps above, contact the customer support team and take advantage of reliable assistance to solve the multiple queries related to Twitter.

How to fix Gmail keeps sending emails to the trash

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With many interesting features and options, Gmail is considered to be the king of all emails. And that is why it is considered and preferred in each country and each user. Developed and managed by Google, this email is not only known for sending or receiving text messages but is also responsible for other tasks. And being a Google product, Gmail is also a multitasking email that allows users to perform various tasks.

Fix Gmail keeps sending emails to the trash

But nothing in this world works without failures and, therefore, a user may face problems while working with Gmail. So, if you are also a user who faces some problems with your Gmail account, then you are not alone and there are other people in the rat race who find ways to solve the problem. And we have observed that many people face problems in which Gmail continues to send emails to the trash and, therefore, the user is not aware of any notification. So, if you also face the same problems to the user, you can follow the steps below to fix it.

Ways to solve Gmail problems by sending emails to the trash!

Every problem arises due to reasons and this problem you face also has many reasons. Let us clarify the reasons and their solutions.

  1. First, check if the user is not locked by you. This means that if you block any user, your emails will reach the trash. And to solve the problem, you can unlock the person from the Gmail settings.
  2. Another reason for the email in the trash can is because you deleted the email by mistake and landed in the Trash. And this can lead to Gmail automatically deleting emails. To solve this problem, you can click on the required email and then right-click to find the option “Restore in the inbox”. Your email will land in the inbox.
  3. Also from the Gmail configuration, you can choose the option “Filters and blocked addresses”. Verify the list of user names that you have blocked and canceled. If any of the usernames you wish to retrieve can click on the “Unlock” option.

Outlook Not Connecting To Server

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When your Outlook account is not connected to the server, you cannot share emails with customers. The Outlook email account accepts the correct email address and password to make some particular changes. However, if you face an error, you should solve this problem as soon as possible. You can verify the Microsoft server connection and you should not forget to enter the necessary credentials when your device is connected to the Internet service. If you have a problem with a server in your Microsoft account, you should verify the configuration that is sometimes altered automatically, but we are here to provide you with help and information to solve the problem instantly.

Get a complete solution when Outlook does not connect to the server

When your Outlook displays an error message, you must understand the server configuration to be able to select the exchange server tab to complete the task in a simple way. When you feel uncomfortable and your Outlook does not connect to the server, you must enter the correct email address and password so that you can access your account and make the necessary settings without problems.

Here are the ways to solve the Outlook problem without connecting to the server:

• First, turn on your Microsoft device and go to the Outlook account page.

• Enter the correct email address and password and go to the next one where you can select the settings.

• Click on the Exchange server to make some settings and don’t forget to enter the address of the Outlook email account.

• Enter the password and make some important settings you are looking for and go to the next button.

• Enter the relevant password to make some settings and reconstruct the data so that the task is successful.

• Select the exchange server connection and select the option you are looking for and press the Next button.

• Click on the advanced button after selecting the other tab and select to enable the registration account.

• Click the Accept button and restart your Outlook account to display the result at the end of the task.

How To Fix HP Printer Not Printing Black

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As a user of an HP printer, you may face several technical problems and it will irritate you. One of the most common problems that users face is not printing the problem in black. There can be many reasons behind this problem and you can simply solve them in simple steps if you have complete knowledge about it. But if you do not know how to solve the problem of the HP printer that does not print in black, read this article very carefully to know the step-by-step procedure to solve this problem.

These are the steps to resolve that the HP printer does not print in black:

Method 1 # Replace the cartridge

Check your ink cartridge against any type of failure because a defective cartridge can also cause this problem and you can simply solve this problem after replacing the cartridge in your printer. You can also check the ink level in your printer and fill it if it is empty.

Method 2 # restart your printer

Restarting your HP printer is one of the best things to solve various technical problems and can easily solve the problem of not printing in black from the HP printer after restarting your HP printer properly.

Method 3: Run the diagnostic tool

HP offers the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool that can also help solve multiple problems, including the HP printer that does not print problems in black. For this, follow the steps below:

• Go to the official HP support website.

• Now download and install HP Print and Scan Doctor on your computer.

• Open the Printer menu on your computer and then select your HP printer from the list of printers.

• Select the Fix Printing option and then this tool will be diagnosed with your problem automatically.

Method 4: update the printer driver

Sometimes, the outdated printer driver also causes many problems and then you can update your HP printer driver to solve the problem of not printing black in a very simple way.

Ways To Fix iTunes not working

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iTunes is the most popular source of listening to music and podcasts for Apple users. Apple devices are so popular and expensive. But despite being expensive, these devices are leading the hearts of people from different parts of the world. They work on their operating system called iOS. Therefore, it has different applications like iTunes to listen to music, iCloud to save data and all important files.

Therefore, if you have problems working with iTunes, do not panic. This space is here to solve your iTunes problem that does not work.

The reasons behind iTunes do not work!

Nothing in this world works perfectly and can face problems while working. So, if you discover that you cannot listen to music or podcasts, then you can discover the reasons behind this. Some of the reasons that cause this problem for iTunes do not work on Mac or any other Apple device.

1. The first reason to consider is an inadequate Internet connection.

2. Another reason may be a collection of caches and cookies.

3. Using an earlier version of iTunes can also cause this problem.

4. If you face iTunes that does not work on iPhone, it may be due to the previous version of the operating system you are using on your iPhone.

And there can be many other reasons that can cause this problem. Then, to solve the problem, you can read the article more.

Ways to troubleshoot iTunes does not work!

1. First of all, check the Internet connection. If it doesn’t work and the reason behind iTunes not responding, you can contact your service provider to solve the problem.

2. Removing caches and cookies from the storage of your device could also solve your problem.

3. Don’t forget to update your version of iTunes so that no iTunes problem is found that doesn’t work on Mac.

4. Update the operating system version from your iPhone so you don’t have problems while using it.

5. If you believe that iTunes does not work on iPhone due to a software problem, you can run the repair mode from iTunes and this problem will be checked and resolved correctly. 6. You can also uninstall and install iTunes if you find that iTunes does not work on iPhone and you see no improvement.