Acer laptop does not come from USB and CDs

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Acer laptop does not come from USB and CDs

Acer laptops are widely used by people all over the world. Acer is the most trusted word in the notebook world. It offers the best service to its users. The users of this notebook are quite satisfied and satisfied with the smooth operation. However, the real problem occurs when the Acer laptop does not boot from USB. The reason may be that your boot media is either unrecognized or not removable.

You can now use the following methods to boot your laptop from USB

  1. You can buy, borrow, purchase or make a bootable USB flash drive.
  2. It is better to shut down the computer completely.
  3. You then need to insert a smartly designed USB flash drive.
  4. Then turn on the computer.
  5. Now press the boot menu button when the screen which can be esc or F12 is displayed.
  6. Now that you have completed the steps above, you will finally boot up your laptop.

You can also boot your Acer laptop from a CD, but sometimes you can boot your Acer laptop from a CD. In this situation, do you have any ideas for what you should do?

If not, then read the instructions below.

  1. You should reboot or turn on your Acer laptop.
  2. Then you need to start pressing the F2 key and clicking until you see the BIOS set menu.
  3. The next step is to select the “boot” option in the BIOS setup menu.
  4. To do this, use the left / right or up / down arrow keys on the keyboard.
  5. Then press Enter to display a list of boot devices.
  6. In the next step, you will want to select the boot device with the arrow keys.
  7. When selecting a boot device, you need to select a CD / DVD drive.
  8. Press F6 to move the selected device to the top of the list.
  9. The above step will set a new boot order for your Acer computer.
  10. Press F10 or the key suggested by Acer to save the changes to the BIOS.

By following the steps above, you will be able to boot your Acer notebook from a CD. If you have not succeeded in starting your computer, never be afraid to seek the assistance of an expert or technician.

Acer laptop keyboard does not work

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Acer Laptop Keyboard not Working or Responding

The Acer Laptop comes with the latest features and advanced technology. The device is easy to reach anywhere and problems can be solved easily. The device is in high demand worldwide and its features are top-notch.

But there may be problems with the device as it can happen with any of the devices. One common problem is the Acer laptop keyboard is not working. To resolve the issue, try the troubleshooting steps in this article. Properly maintained and resolved, the problem can be solved in an instant.

Method 1: Restart your device

Complete the system migration, which is a common solution to keyboard problems. Here are the steps –

  • Make sure the user presses and holds down the laptop power button until it shuts down completely.
  • Disconnect the power cord and battery from the device.
  • Protect the device from any access for a while and reconnect the power cord. Also, place the battery back inside the laptop.
  • Turn on the computer and verify that the keyboard is working. This troubleshooter can fix the problem.

Contact Acer Technical Support if you have a problem with your laptop keyboard. Support experts provide a quick solution to the device.

Method 2: Display the filter keys

Filter keys are useful because they force the keyboard to ignore short or repeated key presses. It also causes a problem with the laptop keyboard. Sort the problem by trying to disable the filter keys.

Here are a few steps to do –

  1. Click the “Start” menu and click “Settings” or “Control Panel”.
  2. Click on “Easy Access” and select “Keyboard” or “Make the keyboard easier to use”.
  3. Then turn off the Filter Keys function and test the keyboard to see if the Filter Keys can be reset by turning off the Filter Keys.

Method 3: Update the keyboard driver

  • First, download and install Driver Easy.
  • Now launch Drive Easy and click Scan Now. This will scan your device and detect problems.
  • Click the Refresh button next to the keyboard to download the latest device driver.

Still, Having Problems Acer Notebook Keyboard Problems? Contact Acer Customer Support for assistance. Support experts can help you solve a variety of keyboard problems and basic troubleshooting is solved.

HP printer is not working or printing

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HP printer is not working or printing

What to do when your HP printer is not working and your HP printer is not printing properly on your Windows device? Get some simple tips here:

The HP Printer is a great device that easily receives text and graphics from your computer and transfers information to paper on different sheets of standard size paper. The HP Printer always accepts different paper sizes, speeds, sophistication, and cost when managing a printer device. HP WI-FIs come with a variety of printers that allow you to print beautifully your personal and office work. A printer is an external hardware output device that stores electronic data on a computer or other device that has made a hard disk copy and finally allows for proper distribution of print jobs. The HP printer is not printing

The HP printer device is very easy to use on Windows or Mac devices, but unfortunately, when it has problems, it can call the HP printer support number to reach technical support engineers who can solve the problem in a very short time. So, if you are unable to work with your HP printer device, you need to check the essentials, such as the hardware connection, printer driver and software. If all is right, but there is a problem, now is the time to meet with a great technical support manager who is always busy with solving many problems to solve them all in time.

Here are some ways that an HP printer cannot print and run on a Windows device:

  • First, start-up on your Windows device, and then try to use your HP printer, and then click the print button.
  • If your printer does not respond, you can press the Restart button.
  • When the computer restarts, click the icon, then System Preferences.
  • Select the Printers and Scanner button, then select the Print and Fax button to open the list of printers.
  • Now you need to click on the HP printer while selecting the printer, then click the print queue button and select the print button.
  • If you still have problems, you can launch your web browser and download the HP driver from the Web sites.
  • After downloading the driver, you can click the Run button and then select the install button to use the HP printer device.
  • Now go to the device and printer button, then select the HP printer device and go to properties.
  • Select properties to give a text command if found, then use the text command ok, which means your device is working fine now.

That way, if you are looking for additional help and support, you are always free to call the HP printer’s phone number to contact a technical support manager who provides worldwide call support at all times.

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  • Hp Printer Not Detected in Windows 10

HP Notebook Keyboard not Working

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HP Notebook Keyboard not Working

Is your HP Notebook Keyboard not working since last night? Do you often encounter this problem? Perhaps the problem is your built-in keyboard; peripherals are working properly. Would you like to bring this keyboard back up and running? If so, you are on the right page. It will aim to provide helpful tips on the problem of a broken HP Notebook keyboard.

  • Clean the keyboard
  • Take the brush and gently launch it with the keyboard
  • Remove all keyboard dust
  • This will make the keyboard clear and clean
  • You will find it ideal to use a laptop cleaning kit
  • You can also use a dry and clean toothbrush
  • Software or firmware

Another thing you can do if your HP laptop keyboard key is not working is to make sure the keyboard works when you access the BIOS menu. Restart your computer before it starts up. Press the Esc or Del key (this may vary depending on your laptop model) and open the BIOS menu. If the BIOS menu appears and the arrow keys are working, you will have no hardware issues. This means you have software issues.

Reinstall the keyboard drivers

• Open Device Manager

• Go to the keyboard window

• Here you will find the keyboard of the laptop

• Right-click on it and select Uninstall

• The keyboard will be removed

• Restart the computer

• Restart your Windows computer

• Verify that its driver is installed automatically

• Open Device Manager if the drivers are not installed automatically

• Right-click on the keyboard

• Select Check for hardware changes to install

Check the keys

Does your HP keyboard not work even after all? Make sure the keyboard or some of its keys are not physically broken. Carry this notebook to an HP service center if it is physically damaged. You don’t have to pay anything if your laptop has a warranty period. Reinstalling keyboard drivers is considered another authentic way to resolve an issue. To do this, you must either connect an external keyboard or turn on the on-screen keyboard. If you want, you can use a Windows computer without a keyboard.

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Macbook keyboard does not work

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Macbook keyboard not working

If any of the keys on your MacBook don’t work, users may have a variety of problems. In that case, the Macbook is nothing but a useless thing. The user smiles as they try to solve the problem and solve it right away. To do this, users can follow the steps below to help users solve the problem of Macbook keyboard inactivity. The troubleshooting steps are listed below:

Method 1: Clean the keyboard:

• Keyboard cleaning is very important for users to solve a Macbook keyboard that is not working. This method was proposed by Apple, which allowed users to solve the problem. To do this, the user must follow the instructions below:

a. The user must hold the Macbook at 75 degrees.

b. Users can then use compressed air to spray the keyboard from left to right.

c. Users then need to turn their MacBook to the right and spray the keyboard again from left to right.

d. Finally, the user needs to repeat these steps with the MacBook when the MacBook is turned to the left.

The steps above will help users solve the problem. The user has fun trying other steps to solve problems.

Method 2. Checking for updates:

Users can look for updates because outdated software, drivers, or even the operating system may damage the keyboard, which may cause the Mac keyboard to stop working. To check for updates, users must:

• The user needs to open the App Store, then users can click on the refresh icon.

• If there are updates, users can click the refresh button or refresh all to install them.

• Users can check for updates by visiting System Preferences, then the App Store and checking the “Check for updates automatically” box.

Method 3: Delete recent applications:

Users can delete recent applications to fix the problem. After deleting apps, users can reinstall apps if the keyboard does not work again. Users can manually delete programs in one of two ways. This can be done with Launchpad and Finder. This may fix the problem when Mac keys are down.

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Printer could not connect to Excel

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Printer could not connect to Excel

A printer is a device that displays graphics and text on paper. There is a huge variety of printers on the market. There are a variety of hardware manufacturing companies that provide consumers with many printers. This varies depending on the hardware configuration and user requirements.

The printer is connected to the system and just typing a command through the keyboard leaves the printer with the required output. This usually works with all the applications installed on your system. But sometimes users have a problem with a printer that can’t connect to Excel. The problem may be that the user’s printer is not added to the list of printers already stored in the system.

You can also try the following steps to resolve the issue quickly:

• The user can remove the printer from the computer or any system to which it is connected.

• The user needs to run services.msc to open the Services control panel to stop the print flow logger service.

• The user can then restart the system to check if the changes are working or not.

• You need to update the printer driver and you can obtain the latest driver from your company.

• After the upgrade, the printer needs to be reinstalled and checked again.

• If it started, the problem with the failed printer could be resolved.

However, if you have a problem or have any queries about the printer, you can still contact technical support. Technical support guides will provide users with the best possible support and solution. Contact customer service information is available on the official printer site of the user.

HP printer not connected to WiFi

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HP printer not connected to WiFi

HP printers are one of the most popular devices used to help you produce high-quality documents. HP printers come with many features that help you print a lot of documents. HP printers are reliable and have many convenient features, as the technical configuration of HP printers helps make HP printers reliable.

Fix a problem with non-Wi-Fi HP printers:

Users can customize the following set of instructions to quickly fix their HP printer’s offline Wifi problem. Here are the correct questions for HP non-Wi-Fi printers. Some ways to solve the problem of non-Wifi HP printers are explained here:

Method 1: Restart your computer:

By restarting users, they will solve the problem of non-Wi-Fi HP printers. Users need to restart their computer and router to resolve the issues.

Method 2: Test the HP printers Internet connection:

Users must verify that the HP printer is connected to a network. Users need to print a wireless network test report from the printer control panel to resolve the problem with non-Wi-Fi HP printers. Most printers simply press the wireless button, which gives users direct access to print the report.

Method 3: Install the printer software:

Users can install the HP printer software to solve the problem of an HP printer not connected to Wi-Fi.

Method 4: Verify that the HP printer drivers are properly installed:

To resolve the problem with non-Wi-Fi HP printers, users need to verify that the printer drivers are properly installed.

Method 5: Install the latest and updated software to fix the problem:

Users can install updated software to resolve problems.

Method 6: Check the printer’s hardware configuration:

By checking the hardware configuration, users can solve the problem of non-Wi-Fi HP printers.

The methods described above will help users solve a problem that prevents the HP printer from accessing the Internet without difficulty. The experts are highly qualified and knowledgeable in solving technical problems.

Advantages of speaking with technical experts:

Talking with experts has many benefits. Some of them are mentioned here. All the key benefits are mentioned here. Experts are certified professionals who can help users solve problems. Users can solve the problem quickly and quickly without any hassle.

• Prompt help is offered to solve problems.

• Appropriate help and advice to solve problems

• Expert availability at all times.

• It provides feasible solutions to complex problems.

• Suggested practical answers to questions.

These are some of the benefits of talking to experts. Consumers are offered the right helps to avoid getting stuck in the problem of non-Wi-Fi HP printers.

How to Unlock iPhone X without Passcode

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How to Unlock iPhone X without Passcode

Undoubtedly, the iPhone is one of Apple’s finest devices that has made it easier for users to manage and perform various online activities. However, there are some users who have asked for solutions to unlock their iPhone x without a passcode. Fortunately, this can be easily solved in just a few steps.

In addition, this article will provide users with a solution to help them unlock their iPhone X without using the iTunes app. Just follow the instructions provided to get access to your device.

Unlocking iPhone X without Passcode

• To complete this process, the user must connect their iPhone to the computer where the device is being synced.

• It also requires the user to open iTunes. If the user is prompted for a password, he or she can choose another PC or recovery mode.

• After that, the user has to wait for iTunes and iPhone to sync.

• The end user must click the play button.

• The user will then be directed to a setup page where the user must click on the restore function from iTunes.

• After that, the user has to choose their own device to easily unlock their device.

In addition, the user can also try to unlock their iPhone x using their iCloud account by following these steps:

• To complete this process, the user must visit the official iCloud website.

• After that, the user must log in to their account with correct information.

• From the options provided, the user must now select the Find My Phone option and continue the process.

• If multiple devices are connected to your account, click on all devices and select the device you want to unlock.

• Then select the Delete iPhone option to remove a specific account from the list of iCloud accounts.

After completing this process, you can easily boot your iPhone and create a new password on your phone. However, if the above steps do not work, the user may also try to trick Siri, for which they must do the following:

• To do this, the user simply has to unlock their account by clicking on the Start button and activating Siri.

• The user now needs to specify the time.

• The user must then tap the clock icon to open the world clock page.

• Then the user has to click Add option and click Select all.

• Now out of various variants as text in which the user must share the opportunity.

• Select the message option from the option provided and enters the details by clicking Create contact.

• Also, add a photo option and select a picture and try to force the home button.

• If the user is lucky, they may land on the home screen.

In addition, if a user is still unable to unlock their iPhone, they are free to contact support to get the help they need to unlock their iPhone x with a personal code and access their device.

Recover Deleted Text Messages

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If you accidentally deleted some Android text messages, you can recover deleted text messages Android without computer as it is not difficult as it seems to solve this problem. If you do not have a text message backup application, you can install it and any new action may delete text data.

How to recover deleted text messages using GT File Recovery.

  • Download and install the application on your Android device.
  • Select the option “Restore SMS”.
  • Scan your phone using the application and recover deleted text messages.

Here’s the procedure to recover deleted text messages Android without computer:

  1. Download the GT Recovery app to your Android phone and launch it on your phone. Go into its main interface, you can see all its features.
  2. Click on “Restore SMS”.
  3. Scan for deleted text messages. If you did not save the recovered files, click the “Start a new scan” button to activate the data scanning process. Wait for it to end.
  4. Select and receive deleted messages.
  5. As soon as the scanning procedure is completed, select the text from the list. You can also view the phone number and mark the messages you want.
  6. Click “Restore selected SMS” to restore them.
  7. Now view the recovered text messages on your Android device by clicking on the “View Results” option.

Recover text messages on your Android phone from Google Backup

Many Android devices already have built-in automatic backup and recovery features that synchronize data with your Google account, with the exception of text messages. You can also use applications such as SMS Backup + or SMS Backup & Restore, to recover deleted text messages Android stored in your Gmail account without using computer.

To back up text messages to your Google account using the app, follow these steps:

  • Take your Android device and go to Settings. Find “Accounts” in the “Personal” section.
  • Click on Google. If you are not logged in, log in using the account you used to back up your messages.
  • Go to the Play Store and install the SMS Backup + application. Launch the app.
  • Check the “Connect” box. Sign in using the same Gmail account. If you see the “First Backup” popup, skip it.
  • Go to the main application window and click “Restore”. All saved text messages will be restored. Deleted messages will also be recovered after this process.
  • Often users are not interested in paying for data recovery software and want to get free recovery tools. The procedures for retrieving deleted texts on Android without a PC have some limitations.

These some of the freeways to recover deleted text messages Android without Computer and for best results, it is advisable to seek help from a professional Android data recovery tool or professionals for safe data recovery.

How To Update Macbook Pro

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Apple: is an American multinational technology company located in Cupertino, California. Apple manufactures, designs and sells electronic computer software and is also in online services. Apple products are used worldwide. Apple products include iPhone, iPhone, iPad tablet, Mac personal computer, Apple smartphone, etc. Apple software includes macOS and the iOS operating system and to keep up with your product with the technology keep it updated and to make sure it keeps the Macbook up to date

Get all the steps on how to update Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro: it is a high-speed model of the MacBook family and one can have the same in 13 inches, 15 inches and 17 inches and order to keep pace with technology and take advantage of all the features that one has to keep it updated and for the same you have to check which version is running and can be done as follows

• Press the Apple icon

• Press the Choose About this Mac option

• Click on Software Update

To ensure that after the MacBook Pro update it runs smoothly before the update, perform a Mac cleanup and it can be done as follows

• Download Clean Mac, which is available for free

• Hit on Run it

• Now you can search for all additional files that you want to delete.

• Click on clean

It is also important to know before the Mac Pro update one needs to have a backup and for it must follow the following steps

• Open the application folder.

• Choose the time machine

• Click on Disk Backup and one also to choose where the backup should be stored

• One can switch from on to off, under the storage name you can see the oldest, most recent and the next backup

Update Macbook Pro

How to update MacBook pro: after following all the steps, what is required to take and, finally, to make sure that the MacBook Pro update can be followed, follow the steps below

• Open the app store

• Look for updates in the menu.

• Click on software update

• Hit in the update

• One has to wait until the software is downloaded and to update it is required to follow the instructions on the screen

• Once the installation is complete, the Mac Pro will restart

• Now the new software can be updated