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Cheap flights to Jeddah

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Jeddah is a city in Hijaz Tihamah and is known for its expansion in Saudi Arabia, the largest city in Makkah. It has the largest seaport on the Red Sea and the second-largest city after Riyadh. It is the main gate of Mecca and is considered a holy city of Islam because it is on the coast of fishing. The Red Sea and seafood have an important part there to increase tourism, it is considered different by most of Saudi Arabia.

The best time to fly – the best time in the city is around October to March. The average temperature is 20-30 degrees Celsius. According to this, individuals can compare tickets and book cheap flights to Jeddah or plane tickets. Cheap price to Jeddah

High season – Jeddah is the gateway to Mecca, as Muslims tend to think of the Hajji pilgrimage every year. This is the season of tourism and the city is full of pilgrims from October to March.

Outside of the hot summer season and very humid in July which is the hottest month. But it is the holiday time that they have a festival that continues by the name of Jeddah Ghir which means Jeddah different. Culture games, competitions, other exhibitions are still off-season due to the climate and we will see fewer crowds. However, at this time of year, it is possible to book cheap plane tickets to J. Qadah

Climate – in the summer, temperatures range from 30 degrees Celsius to 43 degrees Celsius, there is the arid climate in the tropics, there are thunderstorms in winter, the lowest temperature we know is 9.8 degrees Celsius and the highest recorded temperature is 52.0 degrees Celsius. Therefore, according to the climate, people can easily book tickets cheap flights to Jeddah.

Tourist Places – When talking about Saudi Arabia, people think they are very strict. But that’s not the case in Jeddah. Here are some places we can visit to stay there.

• City of Lan

• Municipal Museum

• Jeddah Cornish

• Floating mosque

• The Red Sea Mall

• Fakieh Aquarium


• Abdul Rahul Khalil Museum

• Durah Beach

• Al Shallal Theme Park

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