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HP is a well-known technology manufacturer for laptops and printers. HP is not only known for its technical products, but also for its services. HP printer assistant is a trusted brand that develops much-needed software as well as hardware. Before proceeding to the download steps, you must understand what HP Printer Assistant is.

What is HP Printer Assistant?

HP Printer Assistant is a printer driver initially for managing printing and printer-related tasks. It is designed to manage printing activities and improve printer efficiency. The HP Printer Assistant download is automatically installed when you install HP printer drivers. The printer driver comes with the best technical features, making printing jobs much easier.

With the help of HP Printer Assistant, you can track printer page usage, check ink level, scan a document or photo, control all printing operations and much more. It helps you manage your print jobs without any difficulty. Without a printer driver on your computer, you won’t be able to connect devices to connect. With the auto-update feature, the software takes care of all the printing on the printer.

HP Printer Assistant software helps you manage the entire print job with its built-in features. In other words, HP Printer Assistant is a printer maintenance tool for HP printers, which helps adjust performance, troubleshoot, and update printer drivers.

How can you download HP Printer Assistant in Windows 10?

To download the software to your version of Windows, here are the steps to continue. Whether you want to get the HP Printer Assistant Windows 10, Windows 8 or any other version, the download steps will remain the same.

  • The first step is to turn on the printer.
  • Now, make sure to remove the USB cable from the printer. The installation indicates that the cable is connected if required.

NOTE: The USB cable connects an HP printer to your device.

  • Now, you need to visit the HP Support Page.
  • Click “Software and Drivers” for HP Printers> Printers
  • You must type the printer model number in the selected field and click Submit.
  • The results page will appear, this page will show your printer model, click the model you are using.
  • On the next page, the printer driver list will appear with different versions. You can change if you have any other device, just select the version you’re using and click “Change.”
  • Select a version you want to get and click Download.
  • Select the type of installation you want. It can be either “Typical” or “Recommended”.
  • HP Printer Assistant loading process is complete.

How can you download HP Printer Assistant in Mac?

HP Printer Assistant is not available for Mac OS or OS X. Mac computers or laptops have a full feature driver, which supports HP Utility. The HP utility contains similar tools and features. To download HP Utility for Mac, you must follow the steps below.

  • Select the Visual System Preferences option at the bottom of the Apple menu.
  • Now, click on the “Print & Scan” icon
  • Click the “Plus” option (+)
  • In this step, you must select the printer.
  • Click the Use option, a drop-down menu will appear and now select your printer model.
  • Note: Do not select the “Air Print” option.
  • Click Add Button.
  • Now, double-click the newly created print queue, and then click the Settings option.
  • Click the Utility tab and then click Open Printer Utility.
  • Your device will automatically download and install the HP Utility.

Installing the software will help you connect to the machine and complete any print jobs. The above steps are for the computer. On the contrary, to connect the printer to a phone (Android or iOS), you will need to install the HP support plug-in.

However, no matter which device you use, errors can always appear even with a minor setup error. Listed below are some of the errors that are frequently experienced by HP Printer Assistant with solutions.

HP Printer Assistant does not open or display multiple printers after the Windows upgrade?

If you upgraded Windows to a new version, for example, Windows 10, you might encounter the option to “Connect a new printer.” In another program, the HP Printer Assistant displays a Select Printer window with multiple names for your HP printer. On the other hand, the printer connected via USB will not show this message.

To resolve this issue, do the following:

  • From the HP support site, check for available printer driver/helper updates
  • If you see a new version or version, upgrade the printer assistant with the latest version
  • Use only original HP cartridges.
  • Replace an empty or defective cartridge or you can clean the printhead.
  • You can also print in backup mode if you need to print immediately without any print quality.

Unable to print or other problems that cause printing errors

In such circumstances, the HP printer setup opens when you try to open the Hp Printer Assistant.

  • When you are unable to display the “printer” icon in the “Devices” or “Printers” folder, make sure the HP Printer Assistant is present or not. If not, download it.
  • If your HP printer is connected but you are unable to print, verify that all cable or wireless connection is properly connected.
  • If the printer is offline, connect the printer or computer/phone to the same network

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