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Google app not working on Android

Google Apps are built-in features built into your Android device. Apps improve the performance of the gadget and allow users to comfortably browse the Internet. Apps include Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Ok Google and much more.

However, if you cannot access Google Apps, you must take tough action. Not working Google App is a problem that many users have encountered. So, here will be effective measures to solve such a problem.

Is the Google app not working? Get a determined way to fix this

Update Google Apps

• The upgrade process usually solves this type of problem, and if you want to do the same, follows the steps below.

• Open the Google Play Store.

• Tap the Menu button and select My Apps and Games.

• You will receive a list of installed applications and installed applications later. Go to Google Apps and tap the refresh button.

• Be sure to update all Google Apps.

Clear your Google Apps caches

• Open Settings on your Android device.

• Tap “Applications / Application Manager” for a detailed view of the applications.

• On the App page you will find all the applications running on your Android device, select Google Apps and on the next page you will get the “Clear Caches” button; tap on it.

• Repeat this process for all Google applications.

• Restart your device after submitting the same.

This time you will have effective access to Google Apps. However, if you’re experiencing a problem, Google is not working, “then apply a hard reset process on your Android device. This will return your device to factory mode. When the process is complete, check Google Apps and this time it will run smoothly.

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