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Google is the company known for introducing new services and products for its users. This is the only American company that makes a profit from all sectors of the digital market. And as technology has advanced and people are also looking for products that make their work even easier, Google is now bringing quite smart devices into this market. There are many companies that are trying to compete with Google, which makes this market a place of healthy competition. So, one of the most talked-about products on the market is now a series of smart speakers after smartphones.

Google Home tops the list of such smart speakers and has also known that user’s work is easier and more interesting. But, if you have problems like Google Home Mini stopped responding due to unknown reasons, then you don’t have to get confused. This is the place where you will find the reasons and solutions to the problem.

The first problem is faced with Google Home!

1. The connectivity problem is the main problem that such smart devices can face.

2. The Google Home application does not work on Android or iPhone devices.

3. Your smart speaker does not respond and cannot detect your voice.

4. The speaker is connected but gives random answers that confuse him.

And as there are many users and each user may face a different problem. So, to get rid of a Google Home Mini problem stopped working, follow the steps below.

Ways to fix the Google Home Mini problem that doesn’t respond

1. First, check the internet connection on your device and wifi. If your Internet connection does not work properly, you should contact your service provider to fix it.

2. If Google Home Mini stopped working on your application on any of your smartphones, check the version of the application used. If it is not updated, update it to the latest version.

3. In case your speaker cannot detect your voice, you can choose to delete all saved voices and save your voice once more so that your voice is recognized.

4. Another way to fix the speaker in case it gives random answers is to restore it from the factory. This is the best way to solve any problem you are facing.

5. Also, don’t forget to charge the speaker for your uninterrupted assistance.

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