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Google Voice Search not working on iPhone

Suddenly, you have to try to access Google Voice Search for the day, but you may have found that it isn’t working. No need to worry as this is a small issue that can be easily solved in simple troubleshooting steps. Users can simply do this if they encounter a problem with Google Search that doesn’t work, try the troubleshooting steps below and fix the problem immediately.

Things to try if users have a problem with Google Voice Search that isn’t working

Check Google Assistant

First, users will need to check their Google Assistant, which may be disabled. Users need to check it, and if it is OFF, they must be turned on immediately and then they will surely find Google Voice Search.

Check how well Google

You may have mistakenly disabled your Google. So check it out right away, then turn on OK Google and then everything should work for users. If that doesn’t work, users can simply try the things listed below and then they’ll definitely fix it.

Check the Google Voice Search app for updates

There may be a lack of updates that suddenly caused it to stop working. Users can simply check for updates and if found, they should immediately update the same.

Make sure Google Voice Search recognizes your voice

Your voice may not be recognized by Google Voice Search. Users can simply check whether Google Voice Search recognizes or does not recognize, and if not, they should make sure they do the same immediately. Things will definitely benefit consumers.

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