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How do I set up my Roku TV

Roku TV- through this one can view the free and paid content on TV by internet. Roku is a small device that is used to view movies and TV shows through channels. There is a vast variety of Roku bokes available as Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, Roku Express, and Roku Express and they also have two sticks, the Roku Streaming Stick and Roku Streaming Stick Plus. Roku TV ensures that the quality of the video gets improved. In order to use the services one will be required to install the same

How do I set up my Roku TV- even though one has a Roku Box, Streaming Stick, or Roku TV, you will be required to take the following step in order to set up Roku TV

  • One has to initially turn on the Roku Box, Roku TV or Streaming Stick and one will be able to see Roku Logo
  • Now one will be required to select the language from the onscreen Roku menu and for Roku TV one will also be required to select the country and this will help to analyze what features are available
  • You will be required to connect to your network router in order to get internet access, choose the network, and put in the password
  • As the network is confirmed it will display the message that a software/firmware update may be available and if there will need to update the same
  • Now the Roku remote will work automatically and you will see the notifications and also the instructions on the Roku TV Screen, if later one wants to make changes can do so

o   Go on the settings, click on Remote, look for the option Set up the remote for TV Control

  • Now you will be required to create an account by being on the Roku’s signup, one will be required to create the username and the password and also enter the details of the address as well the method of payment
  • As we know that there is no amount which is charged for using the Roku devices however the payment details are required in order to simplify the process of rental payments or additional subscription fees
  • As the account will be initiated, one will be able to get the on-screen instructions which will also display as Activation code, and to enter the same, you will be required to go on /Link

Once all the steps have been taken, one will be able to see the message that the Roku TV has been activated and one will be able to see the complete menu and if the same does not come up click the right arrow where you can see All done message

Now one will be able to view videos on Roku TV and if need be one can take help from the support team

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