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Are you a late-night gamer? You need a pair of wireless headphones if you keep a habit of playing any technically advanced video game on a console at night. So, you are supposed to learn the tricks to pair those Bluetooth headphones on PS4. On this note, you should know that not all Bluetooth headsets are supported by the PS4. In general, PS4 doesn’t support Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (it which links to music or audio streaming wirelessly) or any streaming Bluetooth profile. That’s why; the manufacturing company Sony has banned these types of headsets which is obviously bad news for the game lovers. However, there are some tricks by which a gamer can connect his/her connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4. We would like to start the process of connecting a Bluetooth headset using a wired medium and to follow it, you need to know that the controller is connected correctly.

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Connect your Bluetooth headset using a wired medium

  1. Connect your Bluetooth headset audio jack into your PS4 controller and headset
  2. Go to the Settings window and select Devices
  3. Then you will get the chance to select Audio devices
  4. Now you need to select Output device
  5. Make sure that you have selected the option Headset Connected to controller
  6. Adjust the volume as per your needs – use the Volume control (Headphones) to do that
  7. Change the setting of Input Device if your headphone is featured with a mic
  8. Change the option Output to Headphones – select All Audio
  9. Save the changes and exit the settings

Connect your Bluetooth headset via Bluetooth

  1. Bring your headsets into pair mode by pressing the Bluetooth button
  2. Open your PS4
  3. Navigate to Settings and then Devices
  4. Search for Bluetooth Devices when you navigate the Devices window
  5. Here you will see the name of your headphones mentioned
  6. Click on the headphones mentioned to stat the connection process
  7. Your Bluetooth audio devices are not supported by PS4 if you are getting an error as cannot connect to Bluetooth device

Use USB dongle to connect your Bluetooth headset

Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4 with the use of USB dongle if your Bluetooth audio devices are not supported by PS4 and you are not ready to connect it via a wired medium. However, the process of connecting a Bluetooth headset with a USB dongle is easy enough to follow. It is almost similar to the previous method. This connection will forward the data to the PS4 with the use of a physical connection. But yes, you are requested to buy a dongle that supports this connection process. Also, you need to ensure that the pairing mode is enabled before you enable the pairing on your dongle.

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