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Have you lost your Roku remote control and don’t know how to connect it to your WiFi? Well, you don’t need to worry, because you can easily solve How to connect Roku to Wifi without remote control by following a simple solution.

And in case you don’t know, one can easily connect Roku to Wi-Fi without using the remote control. In addition, the solution provided in this article requires at least two mobile devices and the Roku application installed on your device.

Follow the simple steps to connect Roku to Wifi without remote control

Connecting Roku to Wifi

For users who have a question about how to connect Roku to Wifi without remote control, here are some simple steps that you can follow.

• First, the user is required to start the Settings application and touch the Mobile Hotspot option.

• In addition, the user must activate the Mobile Hotspot service and touch OK to confirm.

• If the Roku device or application is using the same network, the application can easily control the device.

• In addition, you must confirm that the Roku application is connected to the same network.

• Now, start the Roku application and tap the remote control icon.

• Once the remote control starts, you can easily connect your Roku application to Wifi.

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The Gmail account is one of the best webmail services to update, configure and install your email and contacts on your personal devices. Gmail will provide you with different types of information to synchronize contacts, emails and calendars simply by using a different type of structures. If your Gmail account does not work well and shows a Gmail error Getting your messages waiting for synchronization. You cannot solve the problem, as you must verify the configuration. Settings like the IMAP and SMTP webmail service will certainly help you solve the problem instantly. If you have problems doing so, you can easily find a way to get a solution in a short period of time simply. If you are using your Gmail application, you can simply find the best troubleshooting process to solve the problem at a specific time.

Let’s fix when Gmail receives your messages waiting for synchronization:

An Android application is the best to sync and simply use on an Android device with ease. If you are really looking for advice to receive your messages and, in the meantime, you want to synchronize them, you can easily find the forms detailed below.

The following are the ways to fix Gmail Getting your messages waiting for synchronization:

• First, you must enter the correct email address and password and click on the login button on your device.

• You can now click on the settings to see the synchronization tab and see the problems accordingly.

• Select the message you received in your Gmail account and then you can simply find a way to select contacts.

• Verify that the Internet is working fine or not and then you should simply load the Gmail account website.

• You can now select the Gmail application and click on the left to touch the menu and then touch the settings according to the details shown at the bottom.

• If you have more than one account, you can choose the account with the message.

• Make sure the Gmail sync works fine and then select the messages, contacts, calendar to sync easily.

• You must verify the storage space to save the entire file in your Gmail account and click on a simple task.

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