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Zoho Mail is an impressive stage of email that offers a combination of free promotion, impeccable, moderate interface and innovative highlights for companies and experts. Experience fast and clean webmail that has innovative highlights that coordinate or even better than the ones you’ll discover in the work area’s email clients.

Get assistance How to delete the Zoho account?

If by chance you cannot manage your business through Zoho, it is very simple to delete your Zoho record in the same way you did. Before deleting your all-time record, you should know the critical approaches that accompany it:

Steps on how to delete Zoho’s account

After closing your registration, you cannot access Zoho Services.

Before closing your registration, it would be ideal if you guarantee that you have sent all your information from within the framework of Zoho Recruit and, in addition, from other Zoho administrations.

Once you have closed your registration, all your information within Zoho administrations will be deleted immediately and cannot be restored later.

To close your Zoho account, follow the progress that accompanies it:

Step 1: Log in to,

Step 2: Enter your email ID and secret phrase for the record you need to delete all the time.

Step 3: Go to “My profile information” and tap “Settings.”

Step 4: select “Close account”.

Step 5: Enter the “Current Password” of your email ID.

Step 6: You can refer to Comments and Reason, why would you say that you are deleting your record?

Step 7: select “Close account”.

Step 8: When you tap “Close Account”, a spring will appear at the top, tap “OK” to erase your all-time record

After deleting your registration all the time, enter a similar email ID and secret key, you will locate the invalid email address as it appears in the figure, since that email has been deleted all the time.

When you delete your record all the time, you will receive the attached email from Zoho Accounts in your email ID.

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