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There is a wide range of users worldwide who use the Canon wireless printer to print their personal or official works. The Canon printer offers incredible printing features that make it the best brand of printers in the world. But sometimes, many users complain about the Canon printer problem that does not work due to many technical reasons.

More information about the Canon printer does not respond Error

Are you facing a response error in the Canon printer every time you try to print a document? Then you are not just facing this problem, as there are many users around the world who face it from time to time. There could be several reasons why this error was responsible and you should know it to solve the problem of Canon Unanswered Printer Error, which is very easy to solve in quick steps.

Steps to solve the error problem of the Canon printer that does not respond:

• First of all, make sure your printer is on and, if not, turn it on.

• Now press the Configure button on your Canon printer.

• Go to the Wireless LAN Settings menu and then click on the OK tab.

• Now select the Easy Settings option and then confirm this option by clicking OK.

• Select Access Point and then enter the Wi-Fi password in the corresponding box.

• Click OK.

• You must now insert the installation disc into your computer and then run the installation program to install your printer on your computer.

• A new page will open, choose the Easy installation option and then click Install.

• After that, you can easily find the Network Printer on the next page and then click on the required option before continuing to the next page.

• Now begin the installation procedure by clicking Next and then wait less minutes until the installation process is complete.

• Restart your computer to complete the procedure and then run a print test to see if the problems that do not respond have been resolved or not.

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