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As a user of an HP printer, you may face several technical problems and it will irritate you. One of the most common problems that users face is not printing the problem in black. There can be many reasons behind this problem and you can simply solve them in simple steps if you have complete knowledge about it. But if you do not know how to solve the problem of the HP printer that does not print in black, read this article very carefully to know the step-by-step procedure to solve this problem.

These are the steps to resolve that the HP printer does not print in black:

Method 1 # Replace the cartridge

Check your ink cartridge against any type of failure because a defective cartridge can also cause this problem and you can simply solve this problem after replacing the cartridge in your printer. You can also check the ink level in your printer and fill it if it is empty.

Method 2 # restart your printer

Restarting your HP printer is one of the best things to solve various technical problems and can easily solve the problem of not printing in black from the HP printer after restarting your HP printer properly.

Method 3: Run the diagnostic tool

HP offers the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool that can also help solve multiple problems, including the HP printer that does not print problems in black. For this, follow the steps below:

• Go to the official HP support website.

• Now download and install HP Print and Scan Doctor on your computer.

• Open the Printer menu on your computer and then select your HP printer from the list of printers.

• Select the Fix Printing option and then this tool will be diagnosed with your problem automatically.

Method 4: update the printer driver

Sometimes, the outdated printer driver also causes many problems and then you can update your HP printer driver to solve the problem of not printing black in a very simple way.

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