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With the advancement of technology, the HP printer has also introduced new features in its services. But, due to a familiar problem with the Hp printer that prints blank pages, users encounter several problems.

Well, it’s really easy to solve the problem of printing blank pages with the HP printer. Here, in this article, we provide all the effective solutions for your query on how to repair the blank pages of the HP printer.

Steps to troubleshoot the HP printer that prints blank pages:

Here is a list of some steps that will help cover the blank printing problem of the HP printer.

Check the cartridge level: Due to the low level of the ink cartridge, the printers start printing blank pages. Since the right amount of ink is not available for printing, it results in blank pages. Therefore, to avoid this situation, users should check the ink cartridge level and, if it is low on ink, replace it immediately.

• Align the printer correctly: to print the appropriate character, it is important to configure the printer and pages correctly. Due to misalignment of the printer, sometimes the printer starts printing blank pages. To avoid this printer problem, the user must align the printer correctly.

• Clean the clogged printhead to avoid printing blank pages: if the printer’s printheads get clogged, blank pages are printed.

• To clean the print head with automated tools, users can follow the included steps:

• Load paper in the printer input tray and touch the “-” button next to the Settings button on the control panel.

• Now, touch the Right arrow and after selecting the Tools option, click on the OK button.

• After selecting the right arrow button, click on the Clean Printhead option.

Touch the OK button to complete the printhead cleaning process.

Another way to fix the HP printer that prints blank pages

In addition, here is an additional method to complete the search for how to fix the HP printer that prints blank pages by activating the print queue settings on the printer. To activate the print queue settings, follow the included steps:

• First, from the desktop, users should go to the start menu.

• Click on the “Control Panel” option to go to the administrative settings.

• Now, the user must type the administrative tools in the search box and touch the tools after searching.

• In addition, double-click on the Services option available in the window that opens.

• Choose the “Print queue” services option and then click on it.

• Choose the Properties option from the pop-up menu.

• Now, enter the General tab and select the Automatic option for the startup type.

• Now check the status of the printer service and click on the Start option in case the services have not yet started.

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