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A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.  It enables users to the safe and private browsing sessions. Norton antivirus also provides VPN service which users can use to protect their browsing data and session.

A VPN is used to hide your IP details and location. Browsing internet using public sessions make your details like locations, chats, URL’s and emails public. Thus installing VPN software allows user to hide their sensitive details and make their session secured.

You can Install Norton VPN on your computer operating with Mac or Windows. As a VPN helps in securing the private browsing session, you can install the Norton VPN on your Mac or Windows-based computer system.

How to install Norton Secure VPN on Mac or Windows?

Norton has VPN in its package. Users can install Norton VPN to secure their browsing data. Follow these steps to install Norton Secure VPN on your system:

  1. Open any of the installed web browsers on your computer.
  2. Go to Norton’s login page.
  3. Enter login details and log in to your Norton account.
  4. Go to Network Privacy Settings.
  5. Look for “Secure VPN” and Download it.
  6. Follow the on-screen installation process.
  7. If you are a windows user, double click the downloaded file to run the installation.
  8. If you are a Mac user, drag the installer dmg file into the Applications folder.
  9. Double click the file to start the installation process on your Mac computer.

Norton VPN Support

There are users who face technical issues while installing the Norton secure VPN on their computers. However, if you are technically skilled, you can fix it on your own but if you are low on technology then you need to contact the Norton tech support team to know how to Install Norton VPN on your computer. Thus feel free to contact the Norton support team to get instant tech support for installing the Norton VPN.

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