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Netgear is a multinational company that produces network hardware for consumers. It is a computer network company based in San José, California. The company earns its profits from entrepreneurs, consumers, service providers and also technicians. Interestingly, this company not only offers services to large entrepreneurs or businesses but also takes into account the design of products based on the specific needs of small businesses and housewives. The company’s products allow users to share peripherals, internet access and various applications for personal computers.

Netgear Router and Wireless Network

From Netgear’s widely used technology products, it is known that this company provides admirable and satisfactory services. People prefer the wireless product of this company due to its fast Internet speed and also the easy to understand modem functions. It has been noted for a while that due to updates in modem functions, many people have doubts about how to restart the Netgear router. After doing a lot of research, you still haven’t got your answer, so you can be sure that you will find your answers in this article.

Netgear router restart

It has been a while that faces problems with your wifi and you want to restart it. But also due to the update, you don’t know how to restart the Netgear router. Read the steps below to get your answer.

1. Open the web browser that is connected to your Netgear router.

2. Go through the site

3. The router login window is displayed and promoted to log in to the account.

4. Enter the username as “admin” and the password as “Password”. In case you have changed the administrator password, you can enter that password.

5. When you continue, you will see the “Advanced” option. Touch to enter the router settings.

6. When the router information is displayed, touch the “Restart” option and wait a few minutes for the router to shut down.

And we hope you have an answer to the question of how to restart the Netgear router. With the above steps in mind, you can restart this router directly using the router interface. You can also try restarting the router using any web browser. Now, again, the question is how to restart the Netgear router from the browser. To get the answer, follow the steps below.

Know how to restart Netgear Router from the browser

1. Open the web browser and type the router’s IP address in the search bar that is available at the top of the page.

2. Now you are thinking about how to find the IP address and then it will be displayed in the computer’s network settings.

3. When the router login page is displayed in front of you, enter the username and password.

4. In case you have never logged in to admin, you must type Admin in the username and “Password” in the password field and press “Enter.”

5. When the router configuration is displayed, click “Restart” and then click “Save.”

6. With this, your router will restart and these were the steps on how to restart the Netgear router from the browser.

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