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How to Remove Norton Security

Norton antivirus is security software that protects your laptop, mobile device, and Mac from viruses, malware, and other cyber threats. Many times people want to remove Norton protection from their system for reasons such as temporarily removing Norton antivirus, or maybe they want to install another antivirus program. If you are also looking for information on how to remove Norton antivirus software from your system, follow the steps below to remove Norton Security from various devices.

Steps to remove Norton Antivirus from your laptop or computer

• Turn on the system and open the control panel from the start menu

• Select programs, and then click on program and features

• Select Norton Security from the list of installed programs and tap the Uninstall button

• Click yes if the User Account Control window opens

• Follow the on-screen instructions to select the removal setting

• Norton Security will take a few minutes to uninstall, then restart your laptop or PC

Steps to remove Norton Security from your Android device

• Go to your Android device settings and click Apps

• Find Norton Security in the application list

• Tap to remove or uninstall Norton antivirus and click OK

• When Uninstall is complete, click OK

Steps to remove Norton Security from your Apple device

• Find the Norton Mobile icon on your Apple device’s home screen

• To delete, hold down the Norton Mobile icon and click X

• Click the Delete button to permanently remove it

Steps to uninstall Norton Antivirus on your Mac

• Open the Applications folder on your Mac and find Norton Security

• Double-click Norton Antivirus on your device

• Now tap Norton security from the menu and select Remove Norton Security from the drop-down list

• To remove Norton security, a confirmation window will open, touch the uninstall button

• Provide the administrator account name and password and tap the installation assistant

• Restart your device when Norton Security Removal is complete

Contact Norton Customer Support if you have any difficulty removing it from your device.

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