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Acer laptop users should know how to reset the locked Acer laptop, so this blog will help you or you can contact the Acer customer service number for help and more details. Acer laptops are very easy to use and durable. A problem occurs when it is locked by the password and the user forgets the password. Now, this is very irritating. All your data is on the laptop and you cannot access it. But there is no need to panic, as we have a solution to unlock it. Let’s look at two conditions that can occur and their possible solutions.

Steps to know how to reset the locked Acer laptop

1. One of the ways will do the factory reset so that all files and personal data are deleted.

2. Then, if you have a repair disk, insert the disk.

3. When the disc is run, the user only has to follow the instructions on the screen.

4. Select the language as English and click Next.

5. Then click on the Repair your computer option in the lower left.

6. On the next screen, click Troubleshoot.

7. On the Troubleshoot screen, select the Reset this PC option.

8. Now the user will have two options, either to keep the files or to delete everything.

9. If you choose to keep the files, forgotten passwords and usernames will remain there. However, it is recommended to delete all files.

10. The next option is to choose the operating system, in case you have two operating systems on the laptop.

11. So select the one you want to repair.

12. Then select the option to clean all drives or simply to clean the files.

13. Finally on the reset screen. Click on the Reset button.

14. In case you do not have the repair CD, press Alt + F10, until the Acer logo appears.

15. On the screen, choose the Troubleshoot option.

16. Then follow all the steps discussed above.

17. The restart will take a few minutes to complete.

18. Restart the laptop again.

Now, another way to know how to reset the locked Acer laptop or password recovery from the Acer laptop. Let’s see how?

Acer Password Recovery

1. Insert the password reset disk and follow the instructions on the screen.

2. If there is no disc there, just after turning on the system, press F8.

3. Click Advanced Boot Options and then select Safe Mode and press Enter.

4. Then click on an administrator account, leave the password field blank.

5. Click Start, then Control Panel and then User Accounts.

6. Then select the account for which you want to reset the new password.

7. Reset the new password.

8. Close all windows and restart the system.

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