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How to Unlock iPhone X without Passcode

Undoubtedly, the iPhone is one of Apple’s finest devices that has made it easier for users to manage and perform various online activities. However, there are some users who have asked for solutions to unlock their iPhone x without a passcode. Fortunately, this can be easily solved in just a few steps.

In addition, this article will provide users with a solution to help them unlock their iPhone X without using the iTunes app. Just follow the instructions provided to get access to your device.

Unlocking iPhone X without Passcode

• To complete this process, the user must connect their iPhone to the computer where the device is being synced.

• It also requires the user to open iTunes. If the user is prompted for a password, he or she can choose another PC or recovery mode.

• After that, the user has to wait for iTunes and iPhone to sync.

• The end user must click the play button.

• The user will then be directed to a setup page where the user must click on the restore function from iTunes.

• After that, the user has to choose their own device to easily unlock their device.

In addition, the user can also try to unlock their iPhone x using their iCloud account by following these steps:

• To complete this process, the user must visit the official iCloud website.

• After that, the user must log in to their account with correct information.

• From the options provided, the user must now select the Find My Phone option and continue the process.

• If multiple devices are connected to your account, click on all devices and select the device you want to unlock.

• Then select the Delete iPhone option to remove a specific account from the list of iCloud accounts.

After completing this process, you can easily boot your iPhone and create a new password on your phone. However, if the above steps do not work, the user may also try to trick Siri, for which they must do the following:

• To do this, the user simply has to unlock their account by clicking on the Start button and activating Siri.

• The user now needs to specify the time.

• The user must then tap the clock icon to open the world clock page.

• Then the user has to click Add option and click Select all.

• Now out of various variants as text in which the user must share the opportunity.

• Select the message option from the option provided and enters the details by clicking Create contact.

• Also, add a photo option and select a picture and try to force the home button.

• If the user is lucky, they may land on the home screen.

In addition, if a user is still unable to unlock their iPhone, they are free to contact support to get the help they need to unlock their iPhone x with a personal code and access their device.

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