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Apple: is an American multinational technology company located in Cupertino, California. Apple manufactures, designs and sells electronic computer software and is also in online services. Apple products are used worldwide. Apple products include iPhone, iPhone, iPad tablet, Mac personal computer, Apple smartphone, etc. Apple software includes macOS and the iOS operating system and to keep up with your product with the technology keep it updated and to make sure it keeps the Macbook up to date

Get all the steps on how to update Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro: it is a high-speed model of the MacBook family and one can have the same in 13 inches, 15 inches and 17 inches and order to keep pace with technology and take advantage of all the features that one has to keep it updated and for the same you have to check which version is running and can be done as follows

• Press the Apple icon

• Press the Choose About this Mac option

• Click on Software Update

To ensure that after the MacBook Pro update it runs smoothly before the update, perform a Mac cleanup and it can be done as follows

• Download Clean Mac, which is available for free

• Hit on Run it

• Now you can search for all additional files that you want to delete.

• Click on clean

It is also important to know before the Mac Pro update one needs to have a backup and for it must follow the following steps

• Open the application folder.

• Choose the time machine

• Click on Disk Backup and one also to choose where the backup should be stored

• One can switch from on to off, under the storage name you can see the oldest, most recent and the next backup

Update Macbook Pro

How to update MacBook pro: after following all the steps, what is required to take and, finally, to make sure that the MacBook Pro update can be followed, follow the steps below

• Open the app store

• Look for updates in the menu.

• Click on software update

• Hit in the update

• One has to wait until the software is downloaded and to update it is required to follow the instructions on the screen

• Once the installation is complete, the Mac Pro will restart

• Now the new software can be updated

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