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The Netgear router is famous for the incredible service it offers to its users. If you are using the Netgear router, you should know that the company regularly releases new firmware versions to improve the service that is the product’s performance, as well as other features. Then, once the update is available at the same time, you will receive the message at the top of your dashboard while you log in. Then, once you receive that message, you will have to touch it and update the firmware. Therefore, the router update process is not even difficult, you can easily do it alone on your own, so simply gather all the information on how to update the Netgear router and use them.

Steps How to update the Netgear router?

Now, in case you want to update the Netgear router, you simply have to follow the steps mentioned below:

• In the first step, you simply have to open your web browser from your computer.

• Next, enter the in your browser, but before that, a suggestion is to use the ethernet cable to connect your computer to the router for the purpose of updating.

• Then, once you do, you will only have to enter the credentials of the router, which are the username and password.

• Here you should know that you need to enter admin in the username and password section in the password section.

• These are the default credentials, so just enter them.

• Then, you just have to move forward to know how to update the Netgear router in detail.

• Once you have entered the credentials, just click on the advanced option and then tap the administration.

• After that, just click on the firmware update or the router update option and then click on the verification option.

• So, here the router basically looks for any firmware update and, if it has one, simply displays it in the form of a message.

• Then, in doing so, the router basically starts downloading the firmware and then the update also begins.

• The moment the load is completed, the router will restart.

• You should keep in mind that the update process takes between 3 and 5 minutes and then you just have to follow a few simple steps to reconfigure the router if you request it after the update is complete.

• So, this is the simple way on how to update the Netgear router in just a few minutes.

The steps mentioned above are very precise in nature and, therefore, you can easily follow them to do your job. But there is a possibility that it is completely new in the use of the router and, therefore, it may be a bit difficult to understand what is written here. For all these cases, users do not need to panic as the company has already provided the team of experts so they can help you with any type of problem. Users can call the Netgear Router customer service number for help. The ways in which you can seek the help of the company vary in its nature and, therefore, you can always take the alternative option of the first one that is not helping you in the process of how to upgrade the Netgear router.

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