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If we go back a few years ago, nobody would have imagined that learning would be so easy and simple that one can attend a class from anywhere in the world. The task would not have paper and the student can attach videos in their projects to be more informative.

Well, the days have passed when you have to go to the classroom to learn. Now Google Classroom is here to allow you to attend classes from anywhere, it is a free web service that allows the teacher and students to speed up the classroom.

Steps on how to use Google Classroom

How would you set up Google Classroom?

• The first thing you should do is go to

• There you must provide your Google account address and click on the Next option.

• In addition, you must complete the password and click on the Next option.

• Later, it would reach the Google Classroom page.

• There you would see the ‘+’ option in the upper right corner by clicking on the option, you would get two options; Join class, create class.

• You must choose the option you want to work with and follow the instructions on the screen.

• In addition, you can select the theme and design you want. Once Google Classroom is set up, students are ready to register through the class code.

This way, I wouldn’t be worried about how to use Google Classroom. And without problems, you will use Google Classroom. Now, you should be thinking about your benefits, well, there are many advantages that you will get once you set up Google Classroom. To give you a hint in which way, it will help you add some tips in this article.

What are the best features of Google Classroom?

Store class materials

In Google Classroom, you would get the Store option to save information such as the class schedule, rules or useful lesson guides. In addition, all classroom material is stored so that a student can access throughout the year. And also a student’s work is not placed in a shared folder. Maintains the private work that is shared between teacher and student.

Make announcements

Google Classroom also makes it easy to make an announcement among students. Through the Announcement function, the teacher can send important notices to all students. Each student will receive a notification in their email account and the announcement will appear at the top of the classroom thread.

Create assignments

With this digitized world, you can now create tasks without wasting paper, Google Classroom offers you the Create tasks feature that allows you to perform tasks with some advanced options such as the task title, description and due date. In addition, you can attach videos, files and a step-by-step guide.

Question Feature

Google Classroom does not have a function to create a questionnaire or test, you can use ‘Questions’ to ask multiple-choice questions and answers along with a rating option.

Rating Assignments

The teacher can provide homework grades with Google Classroom and also comment on homework. In addition, it will store the student’s grade.

Integrate applications

Apart from this, a student can use other applications in Google Classroom while accessing the classroom. Google Classroom focuses on results by collaborating with students and teachers to facilitate learning.

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