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Google Pay is an online payment system and can also be used as a digital wallet platform developed by Google. Users can click to pay for purchases of various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, watches, etc. In general, it is used to make online payments on Android devices.

Some facts about Google Pay

The basic requirement for users to use Google Pay is that the phone must be compatible with the use of this application’s option. The user must verify if the bank is compatible with Google or not. To know how to use Google Pay, you can follow the following steps:

Steps to use Google Pay

1. The first step would be to find the compatibility of the phone with Google Pay. In general, all Android phones can use Google Pay, but even before installing it, compatibility should first be checked.

2. The next step would be to verify if Google Pay supports the user’s bank. There are many banks that are not associated with the Google Pay payment date, but will start supporting all banks with the growth of Google Pay. The user must verify both the cards and the bank account to know how to use Google Pay online.

3. Then, the user must go to the Google Play Store to download the Google Pay application on the Android phone. It can simply be downloaded and installed on the phone.

4. To use Google Pay, the user must have a screen lock for the device. Password, PIN, fingerprint, etc. can be used to unlock the device. In case the screen lock is not on the device, it must be applied by touching the Settings option on the phone. Once there, it will make the device more secure and compatible.

5.After that, the user adds the credit or debit card at the user’s convenience. In the lower right corner of the screen, there is a plus sign that will allow the user to add a payment card. The user must verify the compatibility of a card with Google Pay to know if it is working or not to know how to use Google Pay.

6. Card details can be entered manually and then the verification code is sent by email or text message to the user.

7. Then, the user selects the card that is entered as the default card for payment. This option is applicable to multiple cards. If only one card is added, then it is automatically a default card for payments.

8. The user adds the Google Pay gift loyalty program. It reminds the user to use the card at the time they enter a store. There are offers and points available when using Google Pay.

9. Once all these entries are entered correctly, you will be given the option to spend the money. The user can now start paying with the Google Pay application. It will send the notification every time the payment is made.

These steps written above can be followed to know how to use Google Pay online.

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