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HP Notebook Keyboard not Working

Is your HP Notebook Keyboard not working since last night? Do you often encounter this problem? Perhaps the problem is your built-in keyboard; peripherals are working properly. Would you like to bring this keyboard back up and running? If so, you are on the right page. It will aim to provide helpful tips on the problem of a broken HP Notebook keyboard.

  • Clean the keyboard
  • Take the brush and gently launch it with the keyboard
  • Remove all keyboard dust
  • This will make the keyboard clear and clean
  • You will find it ideal to use a laptop cleaning kit
  • You can also use a dry and clean toothbrush
  • Software or firmware

Another thing you can do if your HP laptop keyboard key is not working is to make sure the keyboard works when you access the BIOS menu. Restart your computer before it starts up. Press the Esc or Del key (this may vary depending on your laptop model) and open the BIOS menu. If the BIOS menu appears and the arrow keys are working, you will have no hardware issues. This means you have software issues.

Reinstall the keyboard drivers

• Open Device Manager

• Go to the keyboard window

• Here you will find the keyboard of the laptop

• Right-click on it and select Uninstall

• The keyboard will be removed

• Restart the computer

• Restart your Windows computer

• Verify that its driver is installed automatically

• Open Device Manager if the drivers are not installed automatically

• Right-click on the keyboard

• Select Check for hardware changes to install

Check the keys

Does your HP keyboard not work even after all? Make sure the keyboard or some of its keys are not physically broken. Carry this notebook to an HP service center if it is physically damaged. You don’t have to pay anything if your laptop has a warranty period. Reinstalling keyboard drivers is considered another authentic way to resolve an issue. To do this, you must either connect an external keyboard or turn on the on-screen keyboard. If you want, you can use a Windows computer without a keyboard.

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