How To Reboot Google Wi-Fi From Smartphone And Add Family Labels On It

Reading Time: 3 minutes Look, sometimes you will feel as if your router needs to restart. To perform this operation, you will disconnect it from the power supply or simply restart it through the phone. You have the option to control all aspects of the network from the phone. This is useful when you have configured several Google WiFi…
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How to Factory Reset On Google Wi-Fi

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you perform the factory reset function in your Google WiFi settings, it will delete all current data, as well as the settings. Deleted data cannot be recovered at any cost. After performing the factory reset function, you must reconfigure the Wi-Fi point. There are 2 ways to factory reset the Wi-Fi point: one is…
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How To Change Google Wi-Fi Router Password

Reading Time: 3 minutes You do not need to change the password of the Google WiFi configuration router too often, but sometimes, you may notice an unusual login on the Internet from a location other than your home. If this is the case or if you have forgotten your password, change the Google Wi-Fi router password as soon as…
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How To Execute Security Test On Google Wi-Fi Router Connection

Reading Time: 3 minutes A Google Wi-Fi configuration router is required for home Internet connection to provide transmission and reception of signals to which devices such as smartphones or laptops are connected. The router configuration requires maximum security so that no one can access it without permission. Therefore, to add security or verify security measures, there is a security…
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How To Soft Reset Google Wi-Fi Router From Any Smartphone And Create Family Label On It?

Reading Time: 3 minutes At some point, your router may stop working completely or its performance degrades. This is an indication of a partial reset. Your device requires a software restart under such conditions, which can be done by unplugging the power. You will be surprised after knowing that you can control all the functions of your router even…
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How to Set Up the Google WiFi System

Reading Time: 5 minutes Wi-Fi mesh networks are all the rage lately, and even Google has had fun. Here we show how to configure Google WiFi to get rid of dead spots in every corner of the user’s house or apartment. If user is not familiar with what Wi-Fi mesh is and how it works, we have an explainer…
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