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Macbook keyboard not working

If any of the keys on your MacBook don’t work, users may have a variety of problems. In that case, the Macbook is nothing but a useless thing. The user smiles as they try to solve the problem and solve it right away. To do this, users can follow the steps below to help users solve the problem of Macbook keyboard inactivity. The troubleshooting steps are listed below:

Method 1: Clean the keyboard:

• Keyboard cleaning is very important for users to solve a Macbook keyboard that is not working. This method was proposed by Apple, which allowed users to solve the problem. To do this, the user must follow the instructions below:

a. The user must hold the Macbook at 75 degrees.

b. Users can then use compressed air to spray the keyboard from left to right.

c. Users then need to turn their MacBook to the right and spray the keyboard again from left to right.

d. Finally, the user needs to repeat these steps with the MacBook when the MacBook is turned to the left.

The steps above will help users solve the problem. The user has fun trying other steps to solve problems.

Method 2. Checking for updates:

Users can look for updates because outdated software, drivers, or even the operating system may damage the keyboard, which may cause the Mac keyboard to stop working. To check for updates, users must:

• The user needs to open the App Store, then users can click on the refresh icon.

• If there are updates, users can click the refresh button or refresh all to install them.

• Users can check for updates by visiting System Preferences, then the App Store and checking the “Check for updates automatically” box.

Method 3: Delete recent applications:

Users can delete recent applications to fix the problem. After deleting apps, users can reinstall apps if the keyboard does not work again. Users can manually delete programs in one of two ways. This can be done with Launchpad and Finder. This may fix the problem when Mac keys are down.

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