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How to Fix Microsoft Office Not Working In Windows 10

Microsoft Office is a solution for managing all types of documents. If you want some of the best presentations, then you have Microsoft Presentation, you can create some of your best documents using Microsoft Word, you can create some of the best models with Excel, and with Microsoft Outlook you can easily communicate with people from different countries In places around the world. With so many apps in one suite, it becomes difficult to manage them, and users face all kinds of problems with their account. Here you can explore all possible ways that users can easily resolve a problem that doesn’t work in Microsoft Office.

Has your Microsoft Office account suddenly stopped working?

If you are a deep user of the Windows 7 operating system and if it has started letting Microsoft Office not work on your Windows 7 edition, then there are various ways that users can easily find a one-stop solution. All users can simply go through the tutorial and try different ways to easily solve the problem.

Start with auto-repair

First and foremost, the user should try when faced with such a problem – start the repair system. There is a step-by-step procedure where users can start with auto-repair. Users can easily get step-by-step the same procedure by switching to a tutorial.

Step 1: Users can first open their system and then they can simply open their control panel.

Step 2: From the list of available options, users can click on the Program and Feature, and then they can simply click on Microsoft Office.

Step 3: When another window opens, users can simply click Repair and then simply click Continue.

Step 4: Users can select “Online Repair” and “Quick Repair” and selected, then they can wait for the repair to complete and simply restart the system to check if the problem is resolved.

Try deleting Normal.Dot

Another thing users can try is deleting the Normal.Dot file. Users can do the same with My Computer open and from there they can simply search the Normal.Dot file by typing the same. Users need to make sure that only the Normal.Dot file is deleted.

How do I fix Microsoft Office that doesn’t work on MAC?

If you are using Microsoft Office on your MAC system and if it has started to allow Microsoft Office to not run on MAC then there are various ways that users can easily solve this problem. Below are some of the possible ways that users can try at any time to get a one-stop solution.

Try creating a new user account

The first thing all users should try is to create a new user account. If you need information about the same, users are always free to contact highly qualified and qualified professionals who are always willing to offer a one-stop solution to a problem and error.

Try cleaning the operating system

If things still don’t work for users, the next thing users can try is cleaning the operating system. Other applications may be interfering with the MAC and users may experience this type of problem.

Uninstall and reinstall your costume program

If you’ve tried all of the above and still don’t work for you, the last option available to users is to uninstall and reinstall the latest Microsoft Office software. The same users can simply visit the official Microsoft Office website and look for the download option. If found, they can simply start the download process. Once downloaded, they can simply install the same and enjoy uninterrupted Microsoft Office services.

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