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Network adapter issues are found mainly after the Windows 10 update of KB4515384. Most users report problems found in the search and start menu with a certain game and audio problems. In case your device is affected by the problem, you can use these methods and steps to solve this wireless network adapter problem.

How to Fix Network Adapter Update Issues KB4515384 in Windows 10

Method 1: Network adapter error

This wireless network adapter issues are mainly found on Intel and LAN cards. In this case, your Lan or Intel chip may get corrupted and stop working.

The device manager reflects a device error and closes immediately when trying to perform any operation on your system. Removing update KB4515384 may solve your problem. If your system hangs on failed updates, you can send comments to Microsoft for assistance regarding the problem. To do so, touch Window + F Keys and expand the comment form.

Method 2: Wi-Fi adapter repair through Device Manager

Follow these steps if you want to solve the wireless network adapter issues:

  • First, start Settings.
  • After that, look for the “Device Manager” option and press the top available result.
  • Now, open the tab dedicated to “Network adapters”.
  • Then, you must right-click on the Intel Wireless Adapter option that is posing the problem.
  • Then press the “Disable device” option here.
  • After that, touch the “Yes” option.
  • Now, right-click on the wireless adapter one more time and choose the “Enable device” option.
  • Then you must reboot your system.
  • Once you have successfully restarted your PC, try connecting your wireless adapter to your system.

Method 3: Wi-Fi adapter repair through Windows Update

If you plan to solve this problem of Network Adapter Issues, you can remove the particular update as an alternative way.

Follow these steps to repair the wireless network adapter issues through Windows Update:

  • First, you must start the “Settings”.
  • After that, press the “Update and security” option.
  • Then, tap “Windows Update” now.
  • Then click on the “View update history” option.
  • After that, tap “Uninstall updates.”
  • Now, you must choose the option from the “Update for MS Windows (KB4515384)” list.
  • Then, touch the “Uninstall” option.
  • After that, you must press the “Yes” tab here.
  • Finally, you must click on the “Restart now” tab.

Note: Check the device to see if it works correctly with wireless networks or not.

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