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Printer could not connect to Excel

A printer is a device that displays graphics and text on paper. There is a huge variety of printers on the market. There are a variety of hardware manufacturing companies that provide consumers with many printers. This varies depending on the hardware configuration and user requirements.

The printer is connected to the system and just typing a command through the keyboard leaves the printer with the required output. This usually works with all the applications installed on your system. But sometimes users have a problem with a printer that can’t connect to Excel. The problem may be that the user’s printer is not added to the list of printers already stored in the system.

You can also try the following steps to resolve the issue quickly:

• The user can remove the printer from the computer or any system to which it is connected.

• The user needs to run services.msc to open the Services control panel to stop the print flow logger service.

• The user can then restart the system to check if the changes are working or not.

• You need to update the printer driver and you can obtain the latest driver from your company.

• After the upgrade, the printer needs to be reinstalled and checked again.

• If it started, the problem with the failed printer could be resolved.

However, if you have a problem or have any queries about the printer, you can still contact technical support. Technical support guides will provide users with the best possible support and solution. Contact customer service information is available on the official printer site of the user.

Author: Rene McCracken

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