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WestJet Airlines is the Canadian low-cost airline offering scheduled and chartered airline services throughout Canada and also offers services to the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and Mexico. WestJet Airlines’ main goal is to offer the cheapest flights to travelers so they can cut the cost of travel.

WestJet Manage booking is a wonderful feature that allows passengers to make changes to the flight, holidays, seats, luggage and more. So, if you need to make those changes, go through the process below. This will help you to complete the task smoothly.

What is the process of WestJet Manage Booking:

  • Open a browser on your computer and go to the official WestJet Airlines website. You can reach them directly by clicking on the link
  • On the homepage, you will find several useful tabs, click on ‘My Trips’. In the drop-down menu, you will find relevant features, click on ‘Manage Journeys’.
  • After that, a new window will pop up where you need to Sign In. If you remember the credentials, enter the same in the Login panel or enter your reserved number and Last Name.
  • After signing in, a new page will appear, now make the changes you want. But be sure, adjustments should be made 48 hours before the flight departure and in some cases, the situation will change.
  • After making changes, click ‘Save’.

That’s it; now enjoy your trip with WestJet Airlines.

WestJet Airlines Booking: How to Book Cheap Flights

Westjet Airlines works to provide its customers with the flights at nominal prices and as such, they continue to introduce various offers and discounts on WestJet Airlines booking. If you are looking for a cheap flight, then, Westjet airlines will emerge as the best option and if you need to know how to book cheap flights on Westjet Airlines, then, go through the following procedure to experience the flight to and from your destination on Westjet Airlines:

  • If you want to book a vacation, you can click on the Vacations button and then, there are several options provided on Westjet Airlines.
  • Since then, you need to book cheap trips to your destination, click on Special Holiday Package.
  • Two listings are provided under a special Holiday Pack, one is Vacation Finder and the other is Vacation Finder.
  • Under the Vacations tab, enter the point of departure and arrival and then the number of passengers who wish to travel with you.
  • Enter a departure point, arrival point and click on Get Vacations.
  • Westjet Airlines provides the Search results and you can choose any of the flights at your discretion.

The above procedure is when you are sure of destination and departure point but if you are not sure about the destinations, then, click on Vacation Finder:

  • Under the Vacation Finder tab, you need to click the exit point.
  • Then, enter the Holiday Type or destination. A pop up pops up under the destination type, you can just find a destination.
  • A sorted slot is provided as Vacation Experience.
  • Under Holiday Experience, vacation types are provided as Adults Only, Beach Type, Family Holidays, Disney Holidays, etc.
  • There are various destination packs given to country wise.
  • Choose the one according to your requirement and select any of the price range.
  • Click on Check Holiday.
  • Please enter further details to secure your ticket.

In addition to the above approach, there is another approach that will solve how to get cheap flights on Westjet Airlines booking:

  • Put the cursor on vacation.
  • Under the optional holidays, you have to click on holiday offers.
  • A number of sections are provided under holiday offers such as hotel savings, child offers, tourist credits, ticket offers, room offers, dining offers, wild card stay, multi-destination offers, Tour & Tour offers.
  • If you want to visit multiple destinations at once, you can go through multiple destination offers.
  • Search and select the fly.
  • Save the flight accordingly.

If you are looking for Business Travel, then, you need to click on the Business Travel tab. Westjet airlines also have a business cabin and a high-end cabin and provide the latest services in the business cabin and main cabinet of Westjet airlines. Airport lounges are available on Westjet flights and it also provides that the inflight connection is also available on the Westjet Airlines booking. There are other ways to book Westjet trips through Awards. To find out more about how to get cheap flights on Westjet, click on the Rewards tab.

  • There are several options to book the flight under the Rewards tab.
  • Browse through the option and select any of the options to book your flight.

Also, if a traveler has earned air miles on Westjet flights, then, using air miles, you can book Westjet flights. You can book your ticket through Westjet Airlines booking option provided on the website.

  • Just click on the Book tab.
  • Under the Book tab, click on Bids and Offers.
  • Several options are provided under the Seat Sale option, you can choose the option that best suits your requirement.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to book your flight.

Even after you book your flight, you can make changes to your reservation. To make changes to your reservation, you need to click on WestJet Manage Booking.

  • Under the Manage and Plan option, click Flight to manage the trip.
  • A traveler can make changes such as adding more passengers, adding luggage, rescheduling and canceling flights, adding special assistance, etc.
  • Make the payment if needed.

How do I choose my seat on WestJet Airlines

Go through the following to find out how to choose the seat on WestJet Airlines!

If you have to choose the seat on WestJet airlines and you are looking for an answer on how to choose my seat on WestJet airlines, then all you have to do is continue to follow until you get the answer for the same.

  • WestJet Airlines offers the freedom to choose the seat at the time of booking. A passenger can choose the seat to be a window, front, rear or corridor. However, if you have already booked your flight, you can choose the seat even after booking but you need to see if your flight is eligible for a seat selection. If the flight is eligible for seat selection, then at the time of booking only you can choose the seat or later under the management of the booking department.
  • There are charges for the selection of seats that will be promoted on-screen at pre-registration.
  • Seating selection can be done at no cost i.e. if the seat selection is made within 24 hours and 60 hours before the flight departure.
  • Seating selections can be done through web monitoring and mobile sign-up.
  • If the traveler signs up at the airport, seats are provided at check-in and at check-in at the airport, the passenger can request a seat allowance.
  • If the passenger buys the base fare, then, the seat is automatically provided at check-in. However, a traveler may choose another seat at checkout only.
  • Seat selection fees are unfunded if the passenger does not call within 24 hours of the first flight but there is always an exception in full travel conditions.

Make changes to your seat via WestJet Manage Booking:

  • Go to the WestJet Airlines website.
  • On the WestJet Airlines website, click Manage and Plan.
  • Click Manage Trips.
  • On the screen of Manage Trips, enter reservation code and last name.
  • Click the Search option.
  • As soon as you click on the Search option, further options will be provided to make changes to your pre-registration.

How to change seats in WestJet Airlines manage booking

Booked your flight with WestJet but are you not happy with the seat? Don’t worry, you can experience a pleasant trip to your destination on your favorite seat. WestJet provides the facility to change your previously registered seat and choose the seat you want online through WestJet manage booking:

Steps to change your seat on WestJet Airlines:

Changing a seat on WestJet airlines is not tough. Travelers can easily make changes to their itinerary and can choose the seat you want online. Before changing your seat, you must check the eligibility of your flight whether or not it is eligible for online changes. If your ticket is eligible to make the changes, you can easily change your seat without any hassle on WestJet manage booking section. You can change your seat with the help of WestJet Airlines easy seat change process:

  • Open the official WestJet airline site and click on the WestJet manage booking option.
  • Enter the details of your flight as your reservation number and your last name. Tap the next button.
  • Check the eligibility of your flight. If your flight is eligible for seat selection, you will be given the option of changing your seat.
  • Skip to the Change Seat option. Now, you will be redirected to a new page where a layout will be displayed.
  • From there, you can select the seat you want and tap on the corresponding adjustment seat button.
  • Depending on availability, your selected seat will be reserved.

In this way, you can change seats on a WestJet flight.

How to Talk to a Live Person at WestJet Airlines

Contact customer service to inquire, reserve a ticket and for WestJet manage booking! Westjet airlines have also introduced helpline numbers to assist customers with check-in, flight booking, destination search, and WestJet manage booking related issues and many more questions. If you’re looking for how to talk to a live person at Westjet airlines, here are some ways you can talk to a live person:

Via phone number: This is the most convenient way to contact Westjet airlines customer care. Westjet airlines’ customer care service provides services around the clock. Knowing the method of registration, flight details, date and time of flight, etc.

Westjet provides a number of offers and deals that you may know by contacting a Westjet airline live and can book the flight immediately.

Via Chat: Contacting Westjet customer service via chat provides easy access to the services provided by Westjet airlines. The advantage of contacting the customer service agent through chat is that a customer can multi-task and during the chat, one gets a quick response. If you purchased the ticket at Westjet airlines and have some questions or need to know Westjet manage booking and products or services, you can contact the Westjet airline customer service on chat. You can also find details of various policies such as registration policies, luggage policies, pet policies, etc.

By Email: If you need a descriptive answer to your questions, you can contact customer care via email. Customer care representatives respond within the specified time.

Westjet provides its services into economy, high-priced and business classes and there are various types of fares available on these classes.

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