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Roku is a brand for the digital media player series. The series presents its content in the form of channels. Roku is officially operated by a Japanese company that offers transmission devices to its users.

The Roku transmission device can receive data when it is connected via a wired or wireless connection to an Internet router. After that, the Roku device’s output data is received through a video cable, audio cable or HDMI cable (in some cases). There may be times when a user faces the problem that Roku Remote does not work. To obtain a solution to the problem, a user must identify the remote control model. Once the Roku remote control model is identified, the corrections mentioned below can be tested:

Easy ways to solve the problem Roku Remote does not work

• If a user has an IR remote control, the problem could be due to blocked signals. The user must check if the IR signals are blocked. To solve the problem, the user may try to place the remote control in a different or higher position for clear signals.

• Roku remote control batteries may be causing the problem. In case the batteries of the remote control are exhausted, it is responsible for the malfunction of the remote control. For this, the user is advised to change the batteries or the remote control.

• When the Roku Remote problem does not work, the user can try to restart all Roku devices that include Roku remote, Roku Player or Stick. It can be done simply by unplugging the cables. After waiting a few seconds, they must reconnect. The problem could be solved.

• Another solution that could solve the problem is to pair the Roku remote control with the device again. For this, the batteries are initially removed from the Roku device and the cables are disconnected. The cables remain disconnected for a few seconds and then reconnect. When the Roku logo appears on the screen, the batteries must be inserted into the remote control. After that, the pairing button on the remote control is pressed until the light flashes.

• The problem could be due to the transmission device. The user must verify the connector and the HDMI port. In case of defect, it must be replaced.

• Internet connectivity is essential for the operation of Roku devices. Whether a wired or wireless connection, it should work correctly.

• The user must download the Roku application from the application store or Play Store of the connected device.

• The Roku remote control may be defective and causing the problem. If it is defective, it must be replaced by a new one.

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